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Women's vegan leather gloves lined with soft, warm fleece (including touchscreen capability)
These gorgeous vegan leather gloves from Schwartz & von Halen are both warm and stylish. Vegan leather (faux leather) is increasingly common in the fashion industry. And while it may not be real leather, vegan leather looks and feels very similar to the real thing. These vegan leather gloves feature a classic design and a timeless look. And of course, they still do what they were designed to do: keep your hands warm. The gloves are lined with soft, warm fleece lining. The gloves are also equipped with a convenient touchscreen capability that makes it easy to use your phone without ever taking them off. Because they're extremely water-repellent, these vegan leather gloves are completely wind and waterproof. So you'll always have warm, dry hands, whatever the weather.

●  Soft fleece lining
●  Vegan leather (PU)
●  100% wind and waterproof
●  Touchscreen capability
●  Learn more about this type of leather here

These gloves will be delivered in a stylish black giftbox, including a leather gel and cotton bag.

Invest in a good pair of gloves

Buying a nice pair of leather or suede gloves is a good investment in a product that, with proper care and maintenance, will last for years. Schwartz & von Halen gloves are sturdy, durable, high-quality handmade gloves. And with some tender love and care, they'll last even longer. That's better for you and better for your wallet. We want you to enjoy your gloves for many years to come, so we've put together a few tips on the best ways to maintain and care for your leather and suede gloves.

Keep your gloves clean with our cotton bag

The easiest way to keep your leather or suede gloves clean is not to just stuff them in your bag or jacket pockets after wearing them. Store them in our lovely cotton pouch instead. This premium cotton bag is included with every pair of leather or suede gloves. The cotton bag also ensures that your leather and suede gloves always stay together.

Maintenance and care with Schwartz & von Halen leather gel

One major advantage our leather and suede gloves have over wool or other cloth gloves is that leather gloves from Schwartz & von Halen are completely wind and waterproof. To make your leather gloves even more resistant to rainy and cold weather, we recommend treating them with our leather gel – unfortunately it's not suitable for suede gloves. Leather gel is included with every pair of gloves, free of charge.

Use a clean cloth to apply the gel to the leather in a circular pattern, then allow the gloves to dry thoroughly. Once the leather gel has been properly absorbed into the leather, you'll notice that the leather feels supple again, has regained its original shine, and is even more water-repellent. Properly treating your leather gloves will help keep your hands warm and dry in even the coldest weather.

Ledergel Schwartz & von Halen

Cleaning the leather gloves

Like any leather glove, Schwartz & von Halen leather gloves should be washed as little as possible. If you wash them too often, it can damage the leather and cause the glove to lose its shine and moisture-repellence. Of course, it doesn't hurt to hand clean your leather gloves from time to time. But you should never put your leather gloves in the washing machine, that’s somewhere leather was never meant to go! The best way to clean your leather gloves is to wipe them with a damp cloth (not too wet) while you are wearing the gloves. This will remove any dirt that's gotten embedded in the leather over time. We recommend hand cleaning your gloves twice each winter to maintain the integrity of the leather and keep them looking great.

Drying your leather gloves

Once you've hand cleaned your leather gloves, it's important to let them dry thoroughly. Because leather shouldn’t stay wet or damp for too long, we recommend drying the leather gloves standing up. Let the gloves dry at room temperature and avoid using the sun or artificial heat sources such as a heater or a dryer. It's a good idea to put them on a few times as they dry, especially if your gloves are a few years old. It will allow you to re-shape the gloves to your hand and retain their original fit.

Schwartz & von Halen has deep roots in Amsterdam, where two passionate fashion junkies founded the company in 2013. We've made it our personal mission to provide our customers with fashionable, stylish, and fucntional winter gloves. Eight years later, our beautiful handmade gloves are sold across Europe and the United States, and we've helped more than 40,000 customers find the perfect pair of gloves.

Schwartz & von Halen gloves were designed in collaboration with fashion designers in Amsterdam. A keen eye for detail, style, and durability are the hallmarks of our collection. Our handcrafted men's and women's gloves are made using only the finest leathers – deerskin, cowhide leather, sheepskin, and goat leather. All of our gloves also feature soft, warm lining in premium materials like cashmere, wool, shearling, lambswool, and ultra warm fleece. Schwartz & von Halen gloves are available in the United Kingdom, as well as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, and the United States.
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